Private health in Canada

The scope of coverage under public health insurance in Canada doesn't encompass all health services and products. On certain occasions, you might find it necessary or advantageous to utilize alternate programs or services for healthcare access.

Depending on your circumstances, you might consider seeking additional coverage through Private health insurance to supplement the offerings of the public system. Private health insurance often caters to expenses not covered by government plans.

The prevalent private insurance category is extended health plans, which cover expenses such as:

- Prescription medications

- Dental care

- Physiotherapy

- Ambulance services

- Prescription eyeglasses

If you're employed, your company or organization may provide supplementary coverage.

Healthcare coverage for protected individuals or refugee claimants. Under specific circumstances,

the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) offers provisional health insurance for:

- Refugees

- Protected persons

- Refugee claimants

This transient healthcare coverage applies to you and your dependents until you become eligible for health benefits from your province or territory or from a private insurance plan.