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With representatives in Toronto, Istanbul, and Hanoi, we stand as pioneers in the realm of business immigration services within Canada. Our extensive network and expertise enable us to provide unparalleled support to clients seeking to establish themselves in the Canadian market.
Integrity, innovation, and collaboration are at the core of our values. We believe in fostering a supportive environment that enables businesses to thrive while upholding ethical principles in all our endeavors.
Our mission is two-fold: to accelerate your journey to Canada by providing expert immigration guidance, and to provide you with the strategies your business needs to thrive in the Canadian business ecosystem. With our multidisciplinary approach, we empower you to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.
Immigration Assistance for Canada
Our dedicated team guides clients through the entire immigration process, from consultation to permanent residency, specializing in business development, employee relocations, and seamless integration into Canadian society.
Experienced RCIC-Accredited Team
Our experienced team includes RCIC-accredited professionals with expertise in business, marketing, and immigration. We've effectively represented many clients before federal authorities through strategic advocacy and diligent case management.
A large list of awards for our employees
We are recognized internationally for our professionalism and integrity, with employees receiving honors in competitions worldwide, including in Switzerland, China, and Japan.
Agile Immigration & Business Solutionsм
We stay agile in our strategies, adapting to changing immigration policies and business environments. Our consultants, accountants, and tech experts collaborate to create customized solutions, crafting business plans and using innovative tech to ensure client success.
Team Leaders
Amer Bitar
Alina Milovanova
Daniil Tyan
Khody Miller
Anna Guban
Liliya Fenchenko
Yelisaveta Ardashova
Nadezhda Zinchenko
Founder and CEO
Meet Our
Visionary Founder
Fedor Belomoev
Fedor Belomoev, the visionary leader behind CBGA, is a trailblazer in innovation and engineering. Globally recognized, he was awarded the Swiss Innovative Award in 2019 for his groundbreaking device facilitating communication for deaf-blind individuals.
Fedor's innovation knows no bounds, with notable achievements including recognition at the WARAKU SUMMIT in Japan and as a finalist in the E&T Innovation Awards in the UK. With over 16 patents worldwide, his multidisciplinary background spans numerous successful ventures.
Fedor's influence extends across diverse domains, from curating 300+ defense projects to mentoring at the HULT Prize and shaping startups as a MassChallenge jury member. His journey is marked by accolades from esteemed platforms like the World Innovation Summit for Health and the China Health Product competition. Fedor's visionary leadership drives CBGA forward, empowering entrepreneurs across Canada's dynamic business landscape.
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