Our team
Our tight-knit team of experts collaborates closely to assist you in growing your business in Canada. We've assembled a group of professionals ready to support your success.
  • Nadia Zinchenko
    Business Consulting
  • Anna Pospelova
    Business Growth
  • Artem Sergienko
    Business Consulting
  • Lilia Fenchenko

    Search Engine Optimization
  • Yana Volkova
    Content Management
  • Khody Miller
    Business Growth
  • Anna Guban

    Client Relations
  • Amer Bitar
    Business Growth
  • Daniil Tyan
    Innovative Technologies
  • Ekaterina Feldman
    Web Design and User Experience
  • Alina Milovanova
    Financial Analysis and Management
  • Varvara Mushtatova
    Contact information
  • Fedor Belomoev
    Strategic Leadership
  • Elisaveta Ardashova
    Public Relations Strategy
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